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Let Go Of Grievances

Step 2 of The video shoot is finished! Now we have one more shoot date, then the editing process. The Release Party October 30, location- The Way Station Bar, 683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238. The ONLINE YOU TUBE RELEASE is HALLOWEEN Oct 31, 2017

-stay tuned to this page for updates.


We filmed the video with 12 amazing ministers and friends-including my new 10 year old Drag Queen friend, Desmond. Here's our list of actors for the video
1. Rev. Glen Ganaway
2. Doreen Younglove
3. Rev. Lainie Love Dalby
4. Desmond
5. Rachel Rosen
6. Michelle Mamzel
7. John Hernandez
8. Jahfari Bowen
9. Vanessa Rae
10. Rev. Cynette Wilson
11. HuckleFaery aka Sister La Ti Da
12. Adam Shapiro

We will be filming throughout August and September with a release date of October 30. Enjoy some pics from the shoot below. The pic below is a downloadable high rez jpeg poster -ready to print with your donation of $2 or more. Click here or on the poster below:

"Let Go Of Grievances" is the first single from  "Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan, vol. 2" The video is a dance celebration/ritual with a diverse cast of folks that celebrate the practice of forgiveness. See pics from the video shoot below:


"You will identify with what you think will make you safe.

Whatever it may be, you will believe that it is one with you.

Your safety lies in truth, and not in lies.

Love is your safety.

Fear does not exist.

Identify with love, and you are safe.

Identify with love, and you are home., Identify with love,

and find your Self."

- Lesson 261 from A Course In Miracles